Atlas / Allied Owners Take Notice! The “Latest Cisitalia Speedster:” Auto Sport Review, March 1953


Hi Gang… Chicken or egg?  The 94” wheelbase Cisitalia Roadster or the Allied Falcon Roadster? Let’s talk fiberglass! Bill Burke, Roy Kinch, and Mickey Thompson introduced the 94” Swallow Coupe to an excited world in November ’52.  Their roadster version … Continue reading

America’s Boulevard Sports Cars: Jim Potter’s Thoughts – Motor Life, July 1956

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Hi Gang… This is one of my favorite titles for the larger and more powerful sports cars – most of which were fiberglass by ’56 – built in America.  Jim Potter, the author of this article, had been covering the … Continue reading

John Bond From Road & Track Shares: “How To Build A Fiberglass Body…” January, 1953


Hi Gang… This article was a very important article for John Bond – new owner of Road and Track Magazine as of November 1952 – just three months prior to this article’s publication.  How could I know this article was … Continue reading