Geordie Prodis’ Byers SR100 – Recognized By Road & Track As The “World’s Most Beautiful Sports Car” in 1957

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Hi Gang… In February, 1957 John Bond of Road & Track Magazine thought highly enough about Jim Byers design that he heralded it as “The World’s Most Beautiful Sports Car.”  You can see from the photos of Geordie Prodis’ car … Continue reading

“Glass on the Grass” – Devin, Glasspar, Byers, And Almquist Appear Across the Land!


Hi Gang… Blame the title of this story on good friend Jon Greuel – founder of and LaDawri Coachcraft celebrateur.  He’s returning from nearly a year overseas in the military and wrote in: “Geoff….any ‘glass on the grass’ that … Continue reading

The Salem GMC Kurtis Byers SR100: John Furlow’s Restored Beauty (Sportscar Specials, Trend Book 178, 1958)


Hi Gang… The clamor to share more of the history of John Furlow’s “Salem GMC Kurtis Byers” has been heard.  Today’s article is from the ’58 book by Motor Trend called “Sportscar Specials” – authored by Bob Rolofson. Let’s see … Continue reading

Hardtops For Byers SR-100 (And Meteor SR-1) Sports Cars: Phil Fleming Weighs In…


Hi Gang… One of the first folks I met when I started researching topics in Forgotten Fiberglass was Phil Fleming.  Harold Pace had written a story about Byers sports cars and Phil contributed to that story in significant ways. Recently, … Continue reading

Evans Industries Becomes Victress and Byers Distributor: Spring 1960


Hi Gang… We’ve established in previous stories what happened to Victress and Byers in the ‘60s: Victress sold their company…lock, stock, and barrel….to Les and Joan Dawes of La Dawri Coachcraft in 1961 Byers bodies first appeared in Kellison sales … Continue reading

Byers and Kellison and Fiberglass Trends….Oh My!!! (Part 2)


—— Note: This is the second of a two-part story on Byers, Kellison, and Fiberglass Trends. Click here to review both parts of the story. —– Hi Gang… Today’s contribution is possible through the generosity of good friend Ed Almquist … Continue reading

Fiberglass Explodes On The Scene – Petersen Motorama November 1953


————————————— Car Craft Magazine, February ’54, commenting on the Petersen Motorama held in November, ’53: “One of the most interesting bits in the show was the heavy sprinkling of Fiberglass creations.  These cars came in all shapes, sizes and for any … Continue reading

Fabricated Fantasy: The Collins / Weissenborn Byers CR90 MGA Special (Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, March 2008)


Hi Gang… Recently we reviewed a Devin Sportscar Special in the process of being built.  It was owned by Jim Collins who has had a long history of  building and restoring specials throughout his life.  Click here to read the … Continue reading

World’s Most Beautiful Sports Car: The Byers SR-100 Special (Road and Track, February 1957)


Hi Gang… First….a “welcome home” to fiberglass friend Guy Dirkin who just returned from Europe last evening.  Great to have you back on safe American soil.  Guy…’s story is for you (Guy’s a Byers SR100 owner..).  So… What’s the highest … Continue reading

Fiberglass Buyers Guide (Car Craft, March 1956): Part 4 – The Meteor SR-1 Sports Roadster


Hi Gang… This is our fourth in a series of “spotlights” on sections of a Buyer’s Guide for fiberglass sports cars published by Car Craft in March, 1956.  Click on the link below to review all fiberglass cars discussed in … Continue reading