1954 Custom Cars Trend Book Annual – Part 2: The Brooks Boxer & The Glasspar G2 Sports Car

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Note:  This is the second in a series of stories about the fiberglass sports cars that appeared in the 1954 Custom Cars book by Motor Trend.  Click here to review each of these stories on Forgotten Fiberglass. ————————– Hi Gang… In … Continue reading

More Glasspar Bodied “Yankee Clipper” History Found – Alden Jewell To The Rescue!


Hi Gang… Photos without captions are like finding Indian arrowheads at the flea market.  Little is known of what, when, why, and where concerning the history.  Surely more would be known and confirmed if we could examine where the arrowhead … Continue reading

“Glass on the Grass” – Devin, Glasspar, Byers, And Almquist Appear Across the Land!


Hi Gang… Blame the title of this story on good friend Jon Greuel – founder of LaDawri.com and LaDawri Coachcraft celebrateur.  He’s returning from nearly a year overseas in the military and wrote in: “Geoff….any ‘glass on the grass’ that … Continue reading

The Glasspar G2 Sports Car – Made With Naugatuck Chemical’s Vibrin Resin: U.S. Rubber Magazine, April 1952


Hi Gang… More great fiber news! Thanks to the efforts of Bill Sigworth, retired Chemtura executive (legacy company from Naugatuck Chemical / U.S. Rubber days) and Ann Harmon, expert Chemtura Librarian, we now have excellent scans of the U.S. Rubber … Continue reading