1954 Custom Cars Trend Book Annual – Part 2: The Brooks Boxer & The Glasspar G2 Sports Car

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Note:  This is the second in a series of stories about the fiberglass sports cars that appeared in the 1954 Custom Cars book by Motor Trend.  Click here to review each of these stories on Forgotten Fiberglass. ————————– Hi Gang… In … Continue reading

John Bond From Road & Track Shares: “How To Build A Fiberglass Body…” January, 1953


Hi Gang… This article was a very important article for John Bond – new owner of Road and Track Magazine as of November 1952 – just three months prior to this article’s publication.  How could I know this article was … Continue reading

The First Fiberglass Construction Book: Building The Plastic Car (1952) by Eric Irwin


Hi Gang… I wish I could have had a chance to meet Eric Irwin.  I’ve been a fortunate researcher in many ways. I got to know and became friends with Bill Tritt of Glasspar and his family.  I visited with … Continue reading

Eric Irwin’s Lancer: “The Cleanest Two-Seater Roadster That The Post-War World Has Produced”


Hi Gang… Finally….after more than three years of searching, my copy of the British publication “The Motor” dated January 30th, 1952 arrived.  I really mean it.  I’ve been waiting for 3+ years and looking daily for a copy.  I must … Continue reading

Boy Wonders And Their Magic Word – “Fiberglass”


Hi Gang… The golden age of building your own fiberglass bodied sports car was 1951-1956.  This is what Rick D’Louhy and I call the “First Generation” of fiberglass sports cars because designing and building your own car from scratch was being … Continue reading

The Lancer Vs The Glasspar G2: March 1952 Popular Science Showdown


Hi Gang… Fiberglass cars were introduced to the public at the November 1951 Petersen Motorama to great acclaim.  Two of the cars produced were designed and created by Bill Tritt and Eric Irwin of Costa Mesa, California.  Not only did … Continue reading

Which Fiberglass Sports Car Appeared First in 1950’s Magazines? Meet the 1951 Lancer by Eric Irwin


Hi gang… Rick and I are always on the search for new information and new ways to understand the fiberglass cars movement of the 1950’s.  Sometimes this takes us on weeks and months long road trips.  Other times our research focuses on … Continue reading

Modern Plastics February 1953 – A “Gaggle” of Glass For You to Review


Hi Gang… “Watch 1953…..Plastic bodies are not only the coming thing – they have come, and they are too good not to stay”. That’s what Jim Potter, managing editor of Motor Trend wrote in December 1952 – and he was exactly right.  … Continue reading

Eric Irwin and his Lancer(s) – One of the First Production Fiberglass Sports Cars


Hi Gang… You’ll see in books and you’ll read on our website, time and time again….something like this: “The first 4 fiberglass production cars were introduced to the American public during the Petersen Motorama at the Pan Pacific Auditorium in November, … Continue reading