Plastic Henry J: The Kaiser Darrin KF-161 – Popular Science, May 1953


Hi Gang… More neat stuff to share about the debut of the Kaiser Darrin…. Darren Swanson and I are working on an exact timeframe for all of the details of the debut of the Kaiser Darrin.  We’re also working with … Continue reading

1961 Smith Six – One Of The Last 1950’s Sport Customs Built in America


Hi Gang… Who doesn’t love dramatic and sweeping curves on any type of sports car built?  I know I’m a sucker for ‘em, and the more dramatic (and probably less practical in practice…) the more I like the car.  That’s … Continue reading

The Four Cylinder Club Introduces… The Kaiser Darrin Sports Car


Hi Gang… We’re on a quest.  A Kaiser-Darrin history quest.  When did the Darrin sports car debut?  And….when did it officially become the Kaiser Darrin 161 sports car?  Inquiring minds want to know. I know we can look it up in … Continue reading

The Darrin Competition Sports Car – Voila! Introducing the Kaiser Darrin (PIC Magazine, January 1953)


Hi Gang… Rick D’Louhy and I are trying to paint a picture – a fiberglass picture – of the 1950’s.  To do so we’re assembling all known articles big and small.  And…. laying on top of the articles is the … Continue reading

The Jean Poirier Glasspar G2 – A Most Excellent Glasspar Special and a Wonderful Story to Boot!


Hi Gang… As you know, I’ve been collecting more stories from each person who either has a vintage fiberglass car or built one back in the day.  Recently, I asked my good friend, Jean Poirier, about writing up a story … Continue reading

Masano Sports Car – Three Tailed Wonder From Reading PA


Hi Gang… Fiberglass cars were designed, built, and celebrated across the USA back in the 1950’s.  We tend to forget this because ground zero was Los Angeles, but inspiration on what they did in California percolated throughout the country – and … Continue reading

The Kaiser Mysterion – Darren Swanson’s Wonderful Find


Hi Gang… In the past year, I’ve been honored to meet and get to know many new people interested in these cars.  While I consider all of them friends, some of them come armed with additional energy and enthusiam – … Continue reading