Disneyland’s Autopia: Famous Fiberglass of the 50’s – Glasspar, Mameco, Bob Gurr, and More!


Hi Gang… Haven’t we all been to “mecca” as children and driven sports cars before the age of nine? Opps…I mean haven’t we all been to “Disneyland” and driven “Autopia” cars during our childhood, young adulthood, or later?  If this … Continue reading

To “Meteor” Or Not To “Meteor” – That’s The Question: The Simpson – Karow Special


Hi Gang… Well here’s an interesting fiber car from the mid ‘50s.  Rick D’Louhy and I looked at this article.  I said “Meteor” and Rick said “Not.”  Click here to review stories about Dick Jones’ Meteor SR-1. Maybe we’re both … Continue reading

Disneyland’s Autopia Ride – A “Fiberfest” Extravaganza!: Road & Track, September 1955


Hi Gang… This is the first in a series of articles on the design, construction, build, and creation of the sports car ride at Disneyworld – known by all as “Autopia” which opened in July 1955. When Walt Disney began … Continue reading

Plastic Powerhouse! The Birth of Glasspar G2 Racing and The Rise of MAMECO – Part 1


Note: This is the first in a series of articles on the Glasspar Racecar, built by Bill Tritt of Glasspar, Ted Mangels and Ed Martindale of Mameco, and Clem TeBow and Don Clark of CT Automotive.  This car was first … Continue reading

Chassis 1, Chassis 2, and a…

Mameco Brochure Page 1

Hi Gang… Steve Steers recently wrote me about chassis/frame design and his experience with these cars.  Steve grew up in the 1950’s and watched his father build a Victress and Glasspar back in the day.  Steve also recently finished restoration and completion of a … Continue reading