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Books and Literature

 Below is a selection of books, posters, and literature (original and reproduction) focused on vintage fiberglass sports cars.   For additional information or purchase, please contact Geoff Hacker at or call (813) 888-8882.  

     Marque      Part Picture Cost Other Details
Book: The Big Guide to Kit & Specialty Cars: Past and Present – By Harold W. Pace   Click Here to Visit Website, Learn More About Harold’s Book
 Poster Johnny Dark, Italy, 1954 (reproduction).  Shows Irwin Lancer (Eric Irwin’s Special) and Chuck Tatum Special    $45 Plus shipping to USA or other locations.  Printed area is approximately 18″ x 26″
 Poster Johnny Dark, Italy, 1954 (reproduction).  Shows Victress S1A – Virgil Rice’s Special Used in the Movie    $45 Plus shipping to USA or other locations.  Printed area is approximately 18″ x 26″
Johnny Dark DVD
  • Region 1 (USA) DVD
  • Features the following cars:  Bohman Special, Victress S1A, Grantham Stardust, Glasspar G2, Woodill Wildfire, (Chuck) Tatum Special, Kurtis Sports Car (KSC), Irwin Lancer
  • Running Time: 79 minutes 
   $20 Includes shipping and delivery confirmation (outside USA shipping / confirmation costs more)


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  1. Just a thought on building the Nash Dealership card model. Copies of the kit could be made at a quick print shop, on similar card stock. The copy could be built and the original saved in its’ ( rare ) condition.
    Might be an opportunity to use copies as a Forgotten Fiberglass promotional or sale item.

    keep up the good work.

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