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In the near future, we’ll be offering items that celebrate the “Forgotten Fiberglass” cars we’ve come to enjoy.  For additional information or purchase, please contact Geoff Hacker at or call (813) 888-8882.  

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Vehicle Identification Plates: Vin Plates A limited number of period correct VIN plates have been reproduced in aluminum for various marques.  Design focused on use of original company name, logo, and other company literature to make as historically accurate as possible.  Click on the picture to the right for additional information.   $30 free shipping      


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  1. Geoff,
    I’m currently restoring a 1960 Devin for a client here in So. Cal. Started out as fiberglass work, but has taken on a whole new direction. Complete rebuild and restoration. Having trouble locating parts and info. Do you know or have a source for info, such as headlights used. Appreciat e your help.

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