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Welcome to the start of our group of Skorpion owners.  I am excited about establishing an informal group of Skorpion owners, talking and inspiring each other.  This is of interest to me since I currently own a Skorpion and that I was lucky enough to meet and interview John Wills and others about the history of this car and its relevance to the era.

I am starting off with creating a a form that I am hoping that you will fill out in your spare time.  This form will be used to create a database of Skorpion owners, and is in the “Skorpion” part of our website.  This information will be shared by all Skorpion owners.  I have been collecting literature for these cars for 20 years.  I will be sharing this information with you fellow owners.   I believe that the sharing of information will be interesting, and perhaps fun, at times.  We, as a group, will foster a greater appreciation and respectability for these often overlooked cars. 

I also belong to a larger group of car lovers that are particularly interested in Fiberglass cars of the 1950’s.  We, as a group, are having a great time.  This larger group is called “Forgotten Fiberglass” and there is a website and forum for discussion at the following location:

All in this Skorpion group will be invited to join the larger group.  There are no commitments of any kind…….just a group of fiberglass car lovers talking and sharing.

My good friend, Geoff Hacker, is in the process of writing a book detailing the history of these Fiberglass Cars of the 1950’s.  The book, also called “Forgotten Fiberglass”, will have a chapter on the Skorpion that I will be helping to write.  All of these Forgotten Fiberglass cars will be elevated to the level that I believe they rightly deserve. 

This is the start……………I am looking forward to hearing back from you and begin the sharing of my collection.

Steve Cowdin

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