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Victress was started by Doc Boyce-Smith in 1952 with the intention of providing sports car bodies to the growing legion of you men in America who wanted to build their own car and run it or race it.  Their first car was co-designed by Doc Boyce-Smith and his close friend Hugh Jorgensen.   This car was called the Victress S1 and was an immediate success.  It was designed as an alternative to the Jaguar XK120 look, and was the first of several body styles designed by Victress from 1952 thru 1961 that kept them at the top of the list in terms of design and innovation.  In late 1953, Merrill Powell joined Victress as a full partner to Doc Boyce-Smith, and designed the C2 and C3 Coupes- Italian influenced and smart for their time.  About that same time, Hugh Jorgensen designed a European looking (with Aston Martin influeces) 116 inch wheel base roadster called the S4.  Many of these bodies were used by both race car drivers and sports car enthusiasts throughout the 1950’s and into the 1960’s when Victress was purchased by LaDawri Coachcraft.

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