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Jim Byers initially worked with Hugh Jorgensen in forming the plaster buck for the Victress S1A in 1952.  Based on this experience, Dick Jones brought him on board as a full partner in early 1953 to help him create the molds for his Meteor SR1.  Jones and Byers took this first car, the Meteor SR1, to the November 1953 Petersen Motorama to debut the car to the public.   Jones moved around 1955 and bought Byers out of the company, and took operations to Colorado.  Byers kept one of the Meteor SR1 bodies and modified it in early 1956 and brought out the Byers SR100 sports car (SR: Sports Roadster).  A Byers SR100 was featured on the front cover of Road and Track in February 1957, and asked the question “was this America’s most beautiful sports car?”.   In 1957, Byers started work on a short wheel base design that was very “Devinish” in its approach.  This car was called the CR90 (CR: Competition Roadster)and debuted in 1957/1958.  In the early 1960’s, Kellison bought the Byers SR100 molds, and Fiberglass Trends bought the CR90 molds.

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