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There have been some wonderful cars built over the years – and unfortunately lost.  Like any historical object, cars too go thru a time of depreciation where their value becomes so low that many find them hard to keep.  For the fortunate few, some survive the ages of time.  Others…we hope so but perhaps not.  This page is dedicated to the pursuit of lost cars in the hopes that some may be turned up and reunited with their history and origins.  Not all of the cars on this page will be fiberglass.   After all….some cars are worth finding – no matter who made them or what material was used.

This page highlights the lost cars our group has been researching over the years.  If you have any information on these cars, please let us know and e-mail me at geoffrey@grhacker.com

Lost Car 1: The 1955 Jules Heumann Singer Special

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  Lost Car 2: Victress S1A – Last Seen in 1994 in California

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  Lost Car 3: Glasspar G2 Stephen O’Brien

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   Lost Car 4: The Ken Mace Woodill Wildfire

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  1. Geoff, About 2 years ago, I saw an ad for a fiberglass kit that looked something like a Jaguar XK120. It was designed to fit on a Triumph TR3 chassis. I have not been able to find it since. Have you ever heard of such a kit? I had a rusty TR3 I once thought I would be to use.


    • There is a company in the UK called Autotune http://www.autotuneuk.com which manufactures both dimensionally accurate and ‘in the spirit of’ XK120 and XK140 bodies in fibreglass. They also produce an excellent chassis which is bracketed for a Jaguar six and manual gearbox.

  2. Hello Geoffrey,
    I have located a ’53 glasspar GT here in TN. What should I look for to authenticate the car. Do they have serial plates or identifying marks.

  3. Hi, Ken. The cars were numbered, but the locations will vary. All cars had a plate located in the area above the passenger door hinge… most of these plates have been removed over time. Glasspar also stamped numbers on the aluminum latch plate
    for the passenger door, and some have been found stamped on the threshold extrusion just above the right side rocker panel. Details and photos can be found in the Glasspar section of this website, or contact me for assistance. Happy hunting!

  4. In 1972 I was a car dismantler in Watford ,near north London. In my yard there was a fiberglass Sports car. AN ( ARNOC) built in Harlesden .north London, It had a Coventry climax engine and was fitted with a supercharger. I sold the supercharger to a Morris Minor owner and scraped the rest of the car. I have never seen another one .Do you Know of any? Rich

  5. Richard, I think that you will find that it was an Arnott Sports Car built by Arnott Garages at Harlesden. They also made superchargers and the daughter of the owner raced a supercharged Climax engined sports car

  6. Bruce – I am with you. I would really like to sign up for a newletter or updates – but not from everyone that posts. Which I think is the option below. Tried to register for the forum and I cannot for the life of me determine any text in those colors LOL. I have burning questions about fiberglass and the Lotus elite. How do I sign up?


  7. Just found this site thru BAT. Long time 65 Élan S2 owner (30 year). Did a Berkeley a while back and curently building an Élan plus 2 special on a baby Élan chassis, narrowed, shortend, roofless, bobbed tail, no doors and will throw a mould for a special nose as time allows.

  8. Would like to if anyone has ever heard of a 1959 Fairthorpe. I was in the AF in the early 70′s, stationed at Altus, and worked for a local independent used car dealer. We had one in the shop that I painted an ugly green. I have never seen this type of vehicle referred to anywhere. I don’t what became of this car, but have always been curious.

    • The Fairthorpe Electron was a small sports car comparable to an AH Sprite with
      a dreadful Standard 10 engine but did have IRS and of course glass fiber body.
      Later the company built a few Pathfinders with Rover V8 engine a rather pretty little car worth finding one I would say. The Rover V8 can be made to produce up
      to the low 300′s horse power wise very affordably. TC

  9. just read the article of my old Victress sports car. It was registered as a 1948 Mercury. Have some great 8mm film showing all the details of construction. Just sent my son a picture I ran across the other day. Really enjoyed this article.

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