Mysterions: The New Class of Mystery Cars

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Mysterions….it’s our way of recognizing a class of cars that were built “back in the day” but that all information has been lost concerning designer, builder, and owner.  Some were built with questionable design elements, others were beautifully designed but constructed in less than desirable ways, and still others were both beauifully designed and executed. 

Most of these cars come from the early postwar period when having your own sports car often meant building it yourself.  It’s these cars that best represents the class of “Forgotten Fiberglass” cars on our website, and ones that we strive to research and document in the hopes that we can reunite their true history with the car once again.  

Early American sports cars bear names that few recognize such as Meteor, Glasspar or Victress, while these cars are called “Mysterions” because they belong to a group where research has yet to turn up the designer, builder or company responsible for it. 

 This page highlights the many mystery cars our group has found over the years.  If you have any information on these cars, please let us know and e-mail me at

Mysterions: Establishing a New Class of “Forgotten Fiberglass” Sports cars Click here for more information
1955 California Sports Special  Click here for more information   
AMERICABIGLERSVILLEPA061204040 Mike Accera’s Red Flame Special Click here for more information
The Hirsch Sports Car  Click here for more information
thumb 1955 Studebaker Stilletto Click here for more information

1955 Gisler Kaiser


Click here  for more information

Kaiser Sports Special 

 Click here for more information

Flying Texas Special

 Click here for more information

Blue Bradenton Beast 

 Click here for more information

Car Identified

Click here for more information




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