Chicagoan / Triplex Sports Car Debuts at 1954 Chicago Auto Show

Hi Gang… The Chicagoan is here!  The Chicagoan is here! That’s what the crowd cheered when the locally designed and built “Chicagoan Sports Car” (also known as the Triplex and Ketcham Sports Car) debuted back in 1954 at the Chicago … Continue reading

The 1954 Fiberglass Singer SMX Sports Car: An Article By Phillip Avis

Hi Gang… I’m honored to have another article to share with you about a rare fiberglass sports car from the UK called a Singer SMX.  This article is written by Singer historian Phillip Avis who is part of the North American … Continue reading

The Multiplex 186 “The Biggest Little Car In The World” Berwick, Pennsylvania (1953-1955+)

Hi Gang… The Multiplex lineage of cars starts back at the turn of the 20th century – takes a near 50 year hiatus – and then starts again in ’53.  Today we’ll explore more about the cars and the brochures … Continue reading

More History Emerges: The 1952 E. J. Tobin BMW Special – Part 3

———————– Note:  This is a multi-part story on the 1952 Tobin BMW 328 Special.  Click here to review all articles in this series. ———————– Hi Gang… In our never-ending search for this history of wonderful and interesting fiberglass sports cars, the … Continue reading

The 1952 Petersen Motorama – An Automotive Smorgasbord! Auto Sport Review (March, 1953)

Hi Gang… When’s the last time you visited a Smorgasbord?  I grew up in the ‘60s and it became a word our family used quite a bit.  These were the first “buffets” that I can remember and this is exactly … Continue reading

Kaucher’s Koncepts: Keith Blazes A New Trail With The 1952 Maverick Sportster

Hi Gang… This is another in an series of ongoing articles and designs from the talented hands of Keith Kaucher – fan of fiberglass and consummate sports and custom car designer. For years Keith shared his designs with the audience … Continue reading

1952 E. J. Tobin BMW 328 “Aluminum Bodied” Special: Part 2

———————– Note:  This is a multi-part story on the 1952 Tobin BMW 328 Special.  Click here to review all articles in this series. ———————– Hi Gang… Research is a wonderful thing. Thru hard-work, determination, teamwork, collaboration, discussion, discovery, and sometimes sheer … Continue reading

The Advertising Strategy of the Atlas / Allied Fiberglass Company

Hi Gang… How many different Atlas / Allied ads are there????  Let the counting begin. As Rick D’Louhy, Tony St. Clair, Erich Schultz, Brandon Kunicki, Bill Fester, Harold Pace, and the scads of others out there continue helping with research, … Continue reading

Demonstrating The Strength of Fiberglass: Woodill Wildfire – Coverage at the 1954 World Motor Sports Show, New York

Hi Gang… As I’ve mentioned to you before, I’m tracking down the programs for all major car shows of the early 1950’s.  Why, you might ask?  I’m glad to answer.  I’m in search of all the relevant articles and photos of … Continue reading

The 1952 BMC Singer Sports Car – Kjell Qvale’s Fiberglass Sports Car Wonder

Hi Gang… When Rick D’Louhy and I first located information about the BMC sports car on a Singer (UK) chassis, we thought it was a foreign make and filed it in our “future” studies folder – for when our research … Continue reading

The Maverick Sportster Debuts in 1952 – “Largest Fiberglass Body Yet Constructed”

Hi Gang… You gotta love the Maverick Sportster from 1952…. It’s a good looking, graceful, and sophisticated design that grabs you the moment you see it.  If fact, it fits a definition of “good looking” that fiberglass friend Robert Cumberford wrote … Continue reading

Stan Crawford’s Allied / Atlas Swallow – A Mid-Restoration Man’s Dream

Hi Gang… I recently received the restoration pictures that Stan Crawford sent of his Atlas Swallow.  This is going to be one fantastic car when it’s finished.  I know he’s on the right track because even though it was in … Continue reading

Modern Plastics February 1953 – A “Gaggle” of Glass For You to Review

Hi Gang… “Watch 1953…..Plastic bodies are not only the coming thing – they have come, and they are too good not to stay”. That’s what Jim Potter, managing editor of Motor Trend wrote in December 1952 – and he was exactly right.  … Continue reading

Member’s Showcase: John Knebel’s Glasspar G2

Hi Gang… How many people could possibly help me with researching these vintage cars????  It’s way too long ago, and I’d be lucky to find anyone who could help with the details.  That’s how I felt about moving forward in … Continue reading