1953 Grantham Stardust Brochure – “Pioneers in Advanced Custom Styling”

Hi Gang… The Grantham Stardust is one of my all-time favorite American Boulevard Cruisers.  After the Covington Tiburon, the Stardust was the second fiberglass car I ever acquired – and that was with the help of my new fiberglass friend … Continue reading

The Cars of the Milwaukee Masterpiece: Petersen Automotive Museum’s “1953 Bosley GT Mark I ”

Hi Gang… As promised earlier, I’ll show “more” and talk “less” about each of the cars that appeared at the Milwaukee Masterpiece Concours d’ Elegance on August 28th, 2011.  Click here to read more about the success of vintage ‘glass … Continue reading

Richard Arbib: A Car Is Born – International Motor Sports Show, 1952 and 1953

Hi Gang… We’ve talked about Strother MacMinn, Alexis de Sakhnoffsky, Hugh Jorgensen, and other designers.  Now let’s talk about Richard Arbib.  He designed the most fantastic concept car ideas I’ve seen, and even one of his futuristic designs was built – just … Continue reading

Plastic Henry J: The Kaiser Darrin KF-161 – Popular Science, May 1953

Hi Gang… More neat stuff to share about the debut of the Kaiser Darrin…. Darren Swanson and I are working on an exact timeframe for all of the details of the debut of the Kaiser Darrin.  We’re also working with … Continue reading

The Darrin Competition Sports Car – Voila! Introducing the Kaiser Darrin (PIC Magazine, January 1953)

Hi Gang… Rick D’Louhy and I are trying to paint a picture – a fiberglass picture – of the 1950’s.  To do so we’re assembling all known articles big and small.  And…. laying on top of the articles is the … Continue reading

It’s A Wildfire! It’s A Glasspar! It’s A Shorty Post Frame! The Missing Link Emerges…(Road and Track, February 1953)

Hi Gang… I like Fox Mulder from the X-Files TV Show.  The poster on the wall in his office said… “The Truth Is Out There” All we have to do is find it, document it, share it, print it, and … Continue reading

Introducing the Willys Wildfire (Time Magazine, February 2nd, 1953)

Hi Gang… B. R. “Woody” Woodill was a visionary, promoter, and entrepreneur.  He had just shown his Woodill Wildfire at the November 1952 Petersen Motorama, and wanted it to become the next sports car offered by a major automobile manufacturer.  … Continue reading

The Vale Wright Sports Car (Motor Sports World, December 5th, 1952)

Hi Gang… I bet all of you have been waiting for a story on Vale Wright’s 1952 sports car.  Well….I’ve been waiting too!  And do I have lots of new information to share. But first… The Vale is one of … Continue reading

The “Second” Debut of the Woodill Wildfire: (Motor Trend, August 1953)

Hi Gang… The first Woodill Wildfire debuted during the November 1952 Peterson Motorama in Los Angeles.  It was based on a Glasspar G2 body with 3-4 modifications which included an extended front hood scoop, double-hump dashboard, and tail fins to boot … Continue reading

The Johnny Dark Victress S1 Roadster: Part 1: “Pretty Enough To Be A Movie Star”

Note: This is the first installment of  a 3 part series of articles on the Johnny Dark Victress, Virgil Rice, Mack Hellings, Bob Stelling, the Hellings Company, and Stelling and Hellings.  Here are links to the other parts of the story: Click … Continue reading

Modern Plastics February 1953 – A “Gaggle” of Glass For You to Review

Hi Gang… “Watch 1953…..Plastic bodies are not only the coming thing – they have come, and they are too good not to stay”. That’s what Jim Potter, managing editor of Motor Trend wrote in December 1952 – and he was exactly right.  … Continue reading

Win a “Fabulous Woodill Wildfire Sportscar” – The 1953 Petersen Motorama

Hi Gang… One of the best kept secrets of the 1950’s is that there were actually two different Motorama’s making news across the country.  When we hear of the 1950’s Motorama – we think of GM’s Motorama.  Concept cars, new … Continue reading

Amelia Island Concours d’ Elegance – Forgotten Fiberglass Class

Hi Gang… You’ve heard me mention many times about how excited I am that the Amelia Island Concours d’ Elegance is hosting a class of fiberglass cars early next year.  Amelia is one of the most recognized shows not just … Continue reading