America’s Boulevard Sports Cars: Jim Potter’s Thoughts – Motor Life, July 1956

Hi Gang… This is one of my favorite titles for the larger and more powerful sports cars – most of which were fiberglass by ’56 – built in America.  Jim Potter, the author of this article, had been covering the … Continue reading

The Townsend Typhoons: Mark I and Mark II Sports And Race Cars

Hi Gang… What a great name for a sports car – the Townsend Typhoon. Frank Townsend built his first “Typhoon” in ’54 on a ’49 Plymouth chassis – 111 inch wheelbase and all.  What a grand car it was to … Continue reading

The 1947 Gatford / Gatso Sports Car: An American Based Special Built in Holland

Hi Gang… Egads!  How many American specials with American motive power could have been built in the ‘40s?  And outside this country? World War II had just ended in ’45, and here it was 2 years later and an American … Continue reading