Rockefeller Yankee Debut in Automobile Topics: April, 1953

Hi Gang… Here’s another short article in the pursuit of placing all articles on fiberglass cars that were published in the 1950s online for your review and enjoyment – here at Forgotten Fiberglass.  This article is a press release photo … Continue reading

America’s Boulevard Sports Cars: Jim Potter’s Thoughts – Motor Life, July 1956

Hi Gang… This is one of my favorite titles for the larger and more powerful sports cars – most of which were fiberglass by ’56 – built in America.  Jim Potter, the author of this article, had been covering the … Continue reading

The Wayne Kady Sport Custom – A Young Man’s Dream Becomes A Reality

Hi Gang… I have the greatest respect for people who can create, build, style, design, and conceive of nearly anything in their head and put pencil to paper.  These are a very special breed of people.  I, on the other … Continue reading

Chicago’s First Sports Car: Part 2 – The Chicagoan Debuts! (Chicago Magazine, June 1954)

Note:  This is the second installment of a 2 part series of articles on: Chicago’s First Sports Car – The Chicagoan Click here to read other parts of this story ——————————– Hi Gang… Music to read stories by… Every time … Continue reading

Glasspar’s Ascot – Fiberglass Body Pioneer Unveils Latest Model (Speed Mechanics, June-July 1955)

Hi Gang… I love little known fiberglass sports cars.   Those are the ones that capture my attention – just like Glasspar’s Ascot which debuted in early 1955.   I’ve written once before about this car and it was to highlight … Continue reading