The Birth of the Flintridge DKW Darrin Mark II Sports Car: Motor Trend and Road & Track – Early 1957

Hi Gang… So far we’ve found two magazines that heralded the announcement that a newly designed “Dutch Darrin” DKW car that would ultimately be sold by Flintridge Motors of Los Angeles, California.  Each occurred early in ’57 and the plans … Continue reading

Johnny Dark Production Notes Found! And Why They Are Important For Forgotten Fiberglass Enthusiasts

Hi Gang… If you love the vintage fiberglass cars of the early ‘50s – the 1954 movie “Johnny Dark” is for you.  It has everything a car guy would want in “car guy” movie: Sports car races – one actual … Continue reading

Howard “Dutch” Darrin’s 1953 Dyna-Panhard Special

Hi Gang… I’ve recently been calling Howard “Dutch” Darrin the “Rock Star” of fiberglass – and with good reason.  He produced a wider variety of prototypes and actual cars built from fiberglass in the postwar years than anyone else at … Continue reading

The Darrin Sports Car: Road & Track, February 1953

Hi Gang… John Bond, editor and owner of Road & Track Magazine was on the cutting edge.  It was in February 1953 when official word was released from Kaiser-Frazer that the “Darrin Sports Car” would become the “Kaiser Darrin.”  And … Continue reading

Howard “Dutch” Darrin And His 1946 Fiberglass Car: The “Rock Star” of Fiberglass

Hi Gang… Recently, I’ve begun to realize we have a new celebrity in the world of fiberglass from the ’40s and ’50s. I began to realize this, once I started to really dig into the research of Howard “Dutch” Darrin.  It … Continue reading

The Introduction of the Kaiser Darrin Sports Car: Kaiser Dealer News – January 31st, 1953

Hi Gang… This is the first in a series of short articles about the introduction of the Kaiser Darrin sports car.  I’ve been fortunate to be working with a great team on researching the early history of this car including: … Continue reading

Plastic Henry J: The Kaiser Darrin KF-161 – Popular Science, May 1953

Hi Gang… More neat stuff to share about the debut of the Kaiser Darrin…. Darren Swanson and I are working on an exact timeframe for all of the details of the debut of the Kaiser Darrin.  We’re also working with … Continue reading

The DKW Flintridge – Howard “Dutch” Darrin’s Last (Built) Sports Car

Hi Gang… Howard “Dutch” Darrin was a designer bar none.  He’s remembered for styles he penned and cars he designed from the 1930’s thru our favorite age of cars – the 1950’s.  But what was the last car he designed … Continue reading

Extra…Extra…Read All About It!!! World Premier of Johnny Dark Hits Toledo Ohio (June 16th, 1954)

Hi Gang… Holy Toledo! What made this city “ground zero” for the debut of the fantastic film that starred forgotten fiberglass sports cars of the fifties?  I think we may have finally figured this out, but it took meeting automotive … Continue reading