More Glasspar Bodied “Yankee Clipper” History Found – Alden Jewell To The Rescue!

Hi Gang… Photos without captions are like finding Indian arrowheads at the flea market.  Little is known of what, when, why, and where concerning the history.  Surely more would be known and confirmed if we could examine where the arrowhead … Continue reading

The Great New Devin Junior – Gas Engine Powered Miniature Sports Car

Hi Gang… There’s not many of these Devin Jr’s around, and what fun it would be to have a miniature of your favorite fiberglass car – in this case a Devin – zooming around your home, garage, and family. Zoom … Continue reading

“Glass on the Grass” – Devin, Glasspar, Byers, And Almquist Appear Across the Land!

Hi Gang… Blame the title of this story on good friend Jon Greuel – founder of and LaDawri Coachcraft celebrateur.  He’s returning from nearly a year overseas in the military and wrote in: “Geoff….any ‘glass on the grass’ that … Continue reading

Road & Track Puts The Devin SS Through Its Paces: Road Test Annual 1960

Hi Gang… It’s neat to see that Road & Track Magazine – and others too – were road testing some of our favorite fiberglass sports cars of the ‘50s and ‘60s.  Interestingly, these official “Road Tests” do not start to … Continue reading

The Glassmakers 1960: Part 1: Devin – (Sportscar Graphic, May-June 1960)

————– Note:  This is the first in a series of articles here at Forgotten Fiberglass that showcase a story called “The Glassmakers 1960” published in Sportscar Graphic in May-June 1960.  In this article, Almquist, Devin, Kellison, LaDawri, and Victress were … Continue reading

Dan Post’s “Volkswagen: 9 Lives Later:” Alken and Devin Sports Car History

Hi Gang… I live vicariously thru my good friend Javier Munoz and his growing Alken collection.  Javier has two of them ready to restore, and he’s chomping on the bit to begin them.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and waiting … Continue reading

The Four Cylinder Club Introduces… The Kaiser Darrin Sports Car

Hi Gang… We’re on a quest.  A Kaiser-Darrin history quest.  When did the Darrin sports car debut?  And….when did it officially become the Kaiser Darrin 161 sports car?  Inquiring minds want to know. I know we can look it up in … Continue reading

Devin’s Twin Devils: Type “C” And “S” Sports Cars (Road & Track, January 1955)

Hi Gang… I’ve been exploring the early years of Devin’s “car life” lately on Forgotten Fiberglass.  How many of you have heard of the “Type S” or “Sports” model – designed by Murray Nichols for Bill Devin?  He offered it … Continue reading

Dean Moon’s Moonbeam – One Superfast Devin Sports Car

Hi Gang… Here’s a great article on one of Dean Moon’s best known race cars – his Devin bodied “Moonbeam.”  I’m still looking for the first article to hit the stands with this car in it, and this may be … Continue reading

Sport Custom Cars of the Postwar Era: Part 2 – John Gunnell’s Sport Custom Article

Note:  This is the second installment of a 2 part series of articles on John Gunnell and his recent article on “Sport Custom Cars of the Postwar Era.”  Here is the link to part 1 of the story: Click Here to … Continue reading

Devin Introduces the Devin “D” – A Smart Choice For A Stylish Sports Car

Hi Gang… Back in 1960 – perhaps even in 1959 (still researching here gang…) Bill Devin had already introduced his “Devin SS” priced at $10,000 – an expensive but sophisticated car built for racing and high performance sports car handling.  … Continue reading

Petersen Automotive Museum: Fantasies in Fiberglass – 2010 Exhibition – Part 2

 Hi Gang…  What a year for fiberglass!!!  First…. the exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum called “Fantasies in Fiberglass” opened in February.  Next….the “Forgotten Fiberglass” class debuted at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in March.  Now….It’s already a week into … Continue reading

One More Adventure for 2009 – CRV and Dennis Kazmerowski

Hi gang.. Having got home not too long ago from the last adventure (trip to Michigan to pull back a car in November), I felt 5 car-related trips in 2009 was probably enough. Maybe too good. There’s lots to catch … Continue reading

The Cars of Amelia Island 2010 – Phil Fleming’s 1958 Devin Special

Hi Gang… Amelia Island Concours d’ Elegance is right around the corner – less than 3 months away.  Barely enough time to get ready, for some of us – including me.  As a reminder of the event next year featuring … Continue reading