Maverick Sportster Brochure: “Land Bound Pegasus With Air-Borne Power And Cloud-Like Riding Quality”

Hi Gang… This is a beautiful brochure from Sterling Gladwin, the designer, creator, and builder of the Maverick Sportster.  Although the Maverick was first offered in late 1952, this brochure is dated as “received” on June 8th, 1955.   We’re still … Continue reading

Super Plastic Sports Car Unveiled – CRV-4 Worldwide Tour Press Release

Hi Gang… Another press release photo uncovered most likely circa 1965 – we’ll let Nick Whitlow, our resident CRV historian and expert, chip in and share his thoughts on the date in the comments area below. Based on the wording … Continue reading

The Prewar Willys – The Basis For America’s First Postwar Fiberglass Sports Car

Hi Gang… Did you know that the first two fiberglass sports cars produced by Glasspar were based on a Willys chassis and engine?   That’s significant and I wanted to learn more – but what I found out was far more … Continue reading

Strother MacMinn’s LeMans Coupe: Sports Cars of the Future: 1959

Hi Gang… Back in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, a series of books was released by “Sports Car Press” of New York.  There were wonderful titles in this collection covering such varied topics as: Sports Cars of the World, … Continue reading

The Darrin Sports Car: Road & Track, February 1953

Hi Gang… John Bond, editor and owner of Road & Track Magazine was on the cutting edge.  It was in February 1953 when official word was released from Kaiser-Frazer that the “Darrin Sports Car” would become the “Kaiser Darrin.”  And … Continue reading

The Devin Panhard Debuts (Sports Cars Illustrated, September 1955)

Hi Gang… Here’s a short article on the first fiberglass car Bill Devin offered to the public – the Devin Panhard.   It appeared in the September 1955 issue of Sports Cars Illustrated where the car was discussed in detail over … Continue reading

The 1952 BMC Singer Sports Car – Kjell Qvale’s Fiberglass Sports Car Wonder

Hi Gang… When Rick D’Louhy and I first located information about the BMC sports car on a Singer (UK) chassis, we thought it was a foreign make and filed it in our “future” studies folder – for when our research … Continue reading