1954 Custom Cars Trend Book Annual – Part 3: Woody Woodill & The Woodill Wildfire

Note:  This is the third in a series of stories about the fiberglass sports cars that appeared in the 1954 Custom Cars book by Motor Trend.  Click here to review each of these stories on Forgotten Fiberglass. ————————– Hi Gang… In the … Continue reading

Say It Isn’t So! My Grandpa Morrie Was Right! “Drive-on” Roller Coasters For Your Car

Hi Gang… My grandfather – Grandpa Morrie – told me the best car stories I ever heard – and was there working on every “first” car I owned.  Here he is working on my 1955 Cadillac – circa 1979: Here … Continue reading

George W. Walker’s Concept of a Streamlined “Plastic” Sedan: February, 1942

Hi Gang… “Plastics.”  That was the work we heard in the 1967 film “The Graduate.”  But that word was being used for fiberglass or “plastic” bodied cars for nearly three decades before. Case in point.  In today’s story we focus … Continue reading

Stan and Ann Fowler Woodill Wildfire Sightings – Frankenmuth Autofest: September, 2012

Hi Gang… As more of our limited production fiberglass sports cars get restored, they are showing up at established car shows and making big waves.  At any show across the country, if an American sports car shows up that people … Continue reading

Canada’s Campbell Sports Car Company – A Buckler Special Using Peel Body

Hi Gang… Not to be confused with the Campbell Fiberglass Company which produced fiberglass boats and cars (known as “Hollywood Plastics”) in California….this “Campbell Sports Car Company” is from Canada and combines some of the best produced bodies, chassis, and … Continue reading

Vince Gardner’s 1950 Studebaker Special: Postwar Sport Custom – Part 1

Hi Gang… I’ve heard about this car for years – “The Gardner Studebaker Special” – and have been waiting for it to be found and restored.  My wait’s not been in vain – both have happened in just the past … Continue reading

The Great New Devin Junior – Gas Engine Powered Miniature Sports Car

Hi Gang… There’s not many of these Devin Jr’s around, and what fun it would be to have a miniature of your favorite fiberglass car – in this case a Devin – zooming around your home, garage, and family. Zoom … Continue reading

The Peerless GT – A Gran Turismo Fiberglass Bodied Four-Seater Sports Car From Across The Pond

Hi Gang… There are many nicely designed fiberglass bodied sports cars that make it over the pond and to the USA.  One of those that I see time and time again is the Peerless GT – which is surprising given … Continue reading

Disneyland’s Autopia: Famous Fiberglass of the 50’s – Glasspar, Mameco, Bob Gurr, and More!

Hi Gang… Haven’t we all been to “mecca” as children and driven sports cars before the age of nine? Opps…I mean haven’t we all been to “Disneyland” and driven “Autopia” cars during our childhood, young adulthood, or later?  If this … Continue reading

Chrysler Design Competition, Late 1950’s: An Article by Bob Peterson

Hi Gang… Today’s article is compliments of our friend of fiberglass – Bob Peterson.  Bob is our resident Kellison sports car guru and contributor here at Forgotten Fiberglass.  And his story today is all about memories, design, what could have … Continue reading

The “Berkeley” From “Berkeley” Is Not A UK “Berkeley” – It’s VW Based And USA All The Way!

Hi Gang… I’ve had too much coffee this morning – but the title is right on target. Most people think of a fiberglass sports car called a “Berkeley” as a stylish car from over the Pond in the UK.  Well … Continue reading

Victress 500cc Race Cars: Bodies & Frames As Low As $245 (500cc Club of American Bulletin: March 1959)

Hi Gang… I have been searching for the original copy of this ad for 5+ years.  And one of our Forgotten Fiberglass Fanatics delivered it once again.  I work with the greatest gang of car guys in the world 🙂 … Continue reading

“One If By Land…” The Mysterion Arrives – From California to Montana to Florida In Just 60 Years…

Hi Gang… The saga of a nearly 60 year old unfinished fiberglass body continues.   You just can’t stop the potential in this car body!  Here’s what has happened so far in our story: Produced in the mid ‘50s in the … Continue reading

The 1953 Renault-Based Plasticar Rogue: Designed For Speed, Comfort, and Durability

Hi Gang… Recently we introduced Plasticar’s ’53 brochure which featured the Marquis that was in the process of being introduced to the world.  In that same brochure was their other car – a car that was first built in aluminum … Continue reading

The Search For The Birth Of Fiberglass – Mysterious Pennsylvania Location Revealed

Hi Gang… Rick D’Louhy and I aren’t just out there gathering information on the vintage ‘glass cars of the ‘50s and beyond.  We’re looking to find all historical reference materials, stories, and locations where the legendary material was dreamed of, … Continue reading

The 1960 Enzmann 506 From Switzerland – VW Based European Sports Car

Hi Gang… There were some fantastic fiberglass sports cars built here – and across the pond.  How ‘bout Switzerland?  The Enzmann is one of a few sports cars made there, and has a powerful legacy both in Europe and here … Continue reading