Bob Peterson’s Kellison Restoration Begins – And Continues Thru The Iowa Winter…

Hi Gang… I’ve asked Bob Peterson, resident Kellison Aficionado and Kellison owner, to keep us up-to-date concerning the restoration progress of his Kellison J2.  When we last heard from Bob, he reported in with the story of how and why … Continue reading

Who’s Number 2 In Fiberglass? Henry J. Kaiser of Course! (1942-1946)

Hi Gang… We always think of Henry Ford being the first in fiberglass with his 1939 Ford trunk lid and the introduction of his prototype “Soybean Car” in 1941.  So who’s number two?  Who was brave enough to design, create, … Continue reading

Plastic Henry J: The Kaiser Darrin KF-161 – Popular Science, May 1953

Hi Gang… More neat stuff to share about the debut of the Kaiser Darrin…. Darren Swanson and I are working on an exact timeframe for all of the details of the debut of the Kaiser Darrin.  We’re also working with … Continue reading