In ’58 It’s Great! Ten Fiberglass Cars Reviewed: 1958 Sports Car Illustrated Directory

Hi Gang… Sports Car Illustrated started out with their first issue in July of ’55 and met with great success.  One year later they released a special edition (one issue only) titled “International Auto Salon.”  While I’m still researching if … Continue reading

More History Emerges: The 1952 E. J. Tobin BMW Special – Part 3

———————– Note:  This is a multi-part story on the 1952 Tobin BMW 328 Special.  Click here to review all articles in this series. ———————– Hi Gang… In our never-ending search for this history of wonderful and interesting fiberglass sports cars, the … Continue reading

The Darrin Sports Car: Road & Track, February 1953

Hi Gang… John Bond, editor and owner of Road & Track Magazine was on the cutting edge.  It was in February 1953 when official word was released from Kaiser-Frazer that the “Darrin Sports Car” would become the “Kaiser Darrin.”  And … Continue reading

The Introduction of the Kaiser Darrin Sports Car: Kaiser Dealer News – January 31st, 1953

Hi Gang… This is the first in a series of short articles about the introduction of the Kaiser Darrin sports car.  I’ve been fortunate to be working with a great team on researching the early history of this car including: … Continue reading

Who’s Number 2 In Fiberglass? Henry J. Kaiser of Course! (1942-1946)

Hi Gang… We always think of Henry Ford being the first in fiberglass with his 1939 Ford trunk lid and the introduction of his prototype “Soybean Car” in 1941.  So who’s number two?  Who was brave enough to design, create, … Continue reading

Plastic Henry J: The Kaiser Darrin KF-161 – Popular Science, May 1953

Hi Gang… More neat stuff to share about the debut of the Kaiser Darrin…. Darren Swanson and I are working on an exact timeframe for all of the details of the debut of the Kaiser Darrin.  We’re also working with … Continue reading

The Four Cylinder Club Introduces… The Kaiser Darrin Sports Car

Hi Gang… We’re on a quest.  A Kaiser-Darrin history quest.  When did the Darrin sports car debut?  And….when did it officially become the Kaiser Darrin 161 sports car?  Inquiring minds want to know. I know we can look it up in … Continue reading

Skorpion vs Kaiser Darrin – Torrey Pines Road Race November 1954

Hi Gang… As promised….a story a day for 2 weeks….then Rick and I are going on another cross-country road trip to save a number of fiberglass relics.  I think Robert Frost once wrote about vintage fiberglass cars and the act of saving them…..”miles to … Continue reading