The McCormack Custom Car Debuts at the 1955 Petersen Motorama – Car Craft: January 1956

Hi Gang… I wish I could have been there – the last Petersen Motorama of the 1950s. The actual name was “The 6th Annual International Motor Review” but that was the name change forced on Petersen in 1954 by an … Continue reading

The 1952 Petersen Motorama – An Automotive Smorgasbord! Auto Sport Review (March, 1953)

Hi Gang… When’s the last time you visited a Smorgasbord?  I grew up in the ‘60s and it became a word our family used quite a bit.  These were the first “buffets” that I can remember and this is exactly … Continue reading

The James McDaniel Special – One Of America’s First Fiberglass Half Midget Show Cars

Hi Gang… Some research starts at the beginning…..some at the end.  This particular story was like reading one of Stephen Covey’s Management books which states that in business problem solving we should always “start with the end in mind.” And … Continue reading

1953 Petersen Motorama: The Fiberglass Invasion!

Hi Gang…  If only we could go back in time….I know exactly where I would go.   To the 1950’s Petersen Motoramas.  Back in 1950, Robert Petersen who started Hot Rod Magazine, Motor Trend, Car Craft, and others saw the unique … Continue reading