Fibersport! A Bloomington Illinois Fiberglass Special by John Mays and John Burmaster

Hi Gang… Buy it, build it, or something in between. That’s what John Mays and John Burmaster of Bloomington Illinois offered when interest in their custom designed sports car – “The Fibersport” – heated up and others wanted to drive … Continue reading

Automobile Design: The Complete Styling Book (1955) By Bob Gurr – Part 3

——————– “Some of the facts pertinently revealed here may shock the reader….”   Automobile Design: The Complete Styling Book (1955) That’s what’s written on the back cover of Bob Gurr’s ’55 book on car design, and it gives the book a … Continue reading

America’s Boulevard Sports Cars: Jim Potter’s Thoughts – Motor Life, July 1956

Hi Gang… This is one of my favorite titles for the larger and more powerful sports cars – most of which were fiberglass by ’56 – built in America.  Jim Potter, the author of this article, had been covering the … Continue reading

The Quarter Midgets Are Here! The Viking Craft Quarter Midgets Are Here! (1955)

Hi Gang… I’ve been resisting writing about quarter-midgets for quite some time – for several reasons.  First, they are new to me and there is a great amount of information out there on the internet about them.  And second…. they … Continue reading

Beau Hickory and Zodiac Motors Introduces The “Taurus” – That’s A Lotta Bull!

Hi Gang… I’ve written about Beau Hickory before – and I’ll write about him again.   The last article I shared was by Michael Lamm and focused on his “Virgo” VW based sports car.   Click here to read about Beau Hickory’s … Continue reading

“Forgotten Fiberglass” Saves Marriages Across the World: Moving Day Part 1

Hi Gang… Sometimes I don’t know what to think.  But as we started to move cars all around, I thought to myself “well…perhaps someone somewhere might get some good from all of this work we’re doing.” You see, when I … Continue reading

Front and Rear Styling For The Fiberglass Body (Car Craft, March 1956)

Hi Gang… So many questions to answer…. What fiberglass sports car bodies were being offered in 1956? Was the Glasspar G2 still available? When did the Woodill Wildfire hardtop coupe hit the market? What is the Sorrell SR-190 Coupe? Can I … Continue reading

Jess Nelson’s MG Special: Star Of The 1957 Oakland National Roadster Show

Hi Gang… I love mysteries.  In fact, good fiberglass friend Jack Molleur of Florida completed my phrase last week on “ice cream” as follows: “I scream, you scream, we all scream for….glass dreams” I need all the help I can … Continue reading

Sport Custom Cars of the Postwar Era: Part 1 – Allow Me To Introduce You To Author John Gunnell

Hi Gang… In order to introduce you to the topic of the article that will be touched on today (and discussed in more detail in the second part of this story), I need to first introduce you to the author.  … Continue reading

First Annual Forgotten Fiberglass Concours d’Elegance – June 30th, 2009

Hi Gang… So little time… much to do. Back in 2009, Rick and I were sending out e-mails as a companion to Jon Greuel’s website:  These e-mails were a record of stories concerning vintage fiberglass cars as well as … Continue reading

The 1953 Don Jones / Don James Special – 1953 Pebble Beach Road Race Participant

Hi Gang… Short story today – I don’t know much about the following car except what I’ve found below. Recently, Brian Jennings contacted me, and shared the picture I have of this car with me.   These are from his uncle, … Continue reading

Come One…Come All….Fiberglass Day at the Petersen – Sat June 26th, 2010

Hi Gang… Sorry I’ve not been posting more stories of late.  But I’ve had a great excuse…..we’re just just about 30 hours away from the start of “Fiberglass Day” at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.  And I’ve … Continue reading

Good Morning Children…Take Out Your Weekly Reader And Let’s Talk…Glasspar!

Hi Gang… What’s that?!?! Faster than any car with a steel body!   More flexible and repairable than any automotive material made today!  Able to leap…..  Ok….You get the picture. Back in 1952 fiberglass was the “Wonder” material.  Lightweight but strong.  … Continue reading

Vintage Accessories: Get Those Hubcaps Guys and Gals!!!

Hi Gang… So the interior is restored, the body is painted, the engine is rebuilt, and what little chrome might be on your vintage fiberglass special is replated, repainted, or renewed.  Wha ‘cha gonna to do about your wheels?   Isn’t … Continue reading

Where are Vintage Fiberglass Enthusiasts Going Next??? How about the Belfry…(“Boats in the Belfry”, That Is)

Hi Gang… Are you getting bored with too many articles and stories about Grantham Stardusts, Victress S1As, Chicagoans, and Glasspars???   Seeing too many Byers, Woodill Wildfires, Venus Sports Cars, and Le Mans Coupes in museums and shows?   Well good news gang!  … Continue reading

Amelia Island Highlights – Forgotten Fiberglass Hits the Lawn With Great Reception

Hi Gang… I’m back – and with more energy than ever…. What an amazing first three months of 2010 for vintage fiberglass cars.  Just keeping up with the fiberglass events across the nation was hard enough for me.   The “Fantasies in … Continue reading