Vintage Fiberglass Bodied Race Cars

Building this – in process


Year Car and History
1951 Fiberglass bodied cars were not raced in 1951 or earlier
  • DickMorgensen’sGlassparG2
  • Edwards R-62 Hemi powered car


  • Bill Tritt’s Mameco Glasspar Ardun
  • BMC Singer
  • Don Cook’s Glasspar G2
  • 1953 Carrera Panamericana – #13: Javier Razo Marciel, Oscar Fano Bush, Aurelio Martinez
  • Vale Wright’s “Vale”


1954 Vale Wright’s Lil Stinker


Vintage Fiberglass Bodied Race Cars — 3 Comments

    • Rodney, I am a new comer to the world of glasspar roadster. I have aquired a very rough example with a hemi engine. It was found in Naples,fl and the owner purchased it in Penscola after college. About forty years ago, he thought it was a cobra and dragged it home where it rested till now. I am interested in any info. Thanks

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