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Geoff Hacker and Rick D’Louhy

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Welcome to Forgotten FiberglassNovember 16th, 2009:

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Overview of Forgotten Fiberglass Website and Fiberglass Forums Discussion BoardNovember 17th, 2009

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Richard Russell, Victress Employee from 1953 Spending a Quiet Moment Together with the Belly Tank After Bonneville


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  1. hallo All,fantastic site . I am the owner off “abarth -works museum” and do make fiberglas bodys for Abarth Cars .Periscope,Biposto,Bialbero,Monomille and 2000 OT Now I am looking to remake the USA Devin Roosevelt Record Monza (abarth) and looking for info
    Also I have a glasfiber 1960 Apal Coupe (looks like a Porsche Abarth) and remake the Porsche 904 body

  2. Shall I assume that you are aware of the Strother MacMinn Lemans Coupe Fiberglass body that is currently for sale on Ebay???…item # 170982611383…I want this!…should be light enough to bring upstairs and put in the living room…check it out…I am a new subscriber and look forward to the posts-great site!

  3. Can anyone help me to locate for purchase any/all body parts made by A & A Fiberglass, called “the Elegant Beetle”, a “Rolls Royce look” featuring “add-on”
    body styling components such as front fenders, apron,nose/hood (w/RR grill and mascot look-alike), rear fenders, engine cover/trunk, rear apron extension piece. I NEED EVERYTHING, WILL CONSIDER ANY PARTS/PIECES, IN ANY CONDITION! Please email me !!! Thanks!
    Dennis, in Ramona, California 92065

  4. Hi, by accident I stumbled across your site and another one.
    In 2010 you had a gentleman from Canada sending you pictures of a strange looking car, half Vette and half Datsun. Nobody seems to have much info regarding this car (and I con’t either) but at the same Google result I was presented with this result regarding that make, also frpm Canada. Mayve it is new to you and help you getting closer to the history of that car. Here’s the link: http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/635829-porsche-kit-car.html

    regards Martin, Sweden

  5. My buddy told me about this site yesterday. He pulled it up on his I-Phone. I asked him about the BoCar which I remembered from the mid-50s. I thought you might have an article and pictures on it. I believe Popular Science ran an article on it in 1956 or 57. It had a fiberglass body and a blown Chevy smallblock, probably 283 ci. It ran 0-60 in 4 sec flat. I think it had a front mounted Potvin blower kit with a GMC blower. I remember thee article had pictures and test data and pictures of the builder. It was hot in those days. moparist

  6. Does you know if anyone makes repros
    of the A&A Stiletto dual scooped hoods used on Fred Gibb & Dick Harrell 68 Chevelles & Camaros? The April 2014 issue of Musclecar Review has an article on a blue Camaro with a Stiletto hood on page 26.

  7. I am new to this site. This site is HUGE, and I could spend all day here- yet- as an independent entrepreneur building custom parts daily I have to spend my time carefully. I have a LOT to offer this community, as my first car in 1964 was a Devin ( 322 Buick tubular frame transverse Ford leaf spring suspension-monster) I currently own an OTAS 1972 Fiat based, and have extra fiberglass parts and glass. I really do not know where to start here. I know where there is an unrestored Devin in town here. I would love to have a Devin Body again to put on top of my rebuilt 59 MGA. Anybody listening?

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